In so many ways, the pandemic has reshaped the world. It has an impact on what we do, how we interact with one another, and even how we acquire houses.

If you want your home to sell quickly, make sure you’re paying attention to the things that buyers care about these days.

When it comes to buying a home, individuals are opting for houses that include home offices.

There’s no denying that the work-from-home movement is gaining traction. It is preferred by many employees and businesses because it saves time and money on commuting, improves employee happiness, and enables for greater flexibility in scheduling.

According to statistics from February, 3.4 percent of Americans (about 4.7 million individuals) worked from home.

Employers relied on telecommunication to keep their company afloat and their employees employed while lowering the danger of illness. Due to the epidemic, 40% of workers were estimated to be working from home in June 2020.

The value of owning a dedicated office space has increased as a result of so many individuals working from home. Home offices are claimed to be the most popular housing feature among home purchasers, with 60% admitting that working from home influences the type of home they prefer.

To ensure that your home appeals to the widest possible range of purchasers, the spaces should be tailored to give the appropriate professional settings. They should be able to support high-speed internet access. They should have lights and office equipment outlets. To maintain a cheerful ambiance within the room, a home office that appeals to consumers should have enough of natural light.

It’s also crucial to consider the location of the office area within the house. It’s worth noting that purchasers like home offices that are peaceful and distinct from the rest of the house. Professional real estate agents from the National Association of Realtors, Inman, and Agent Advice believe that your property will appeal to more buyers if it is not too close to other rooms, such as the kitchen or the children’s bedrooms, because the proximity can produce distractions that limit productivity.

It will also help you sell your home faster if you pay attention to the landscape and outdoor spaces. While purchasers have always been drawn to outdoor settings, they have grown even more so during the pandemic.

According to research, the virus is considerably less likely to propagate outside. Because the virus is diluted by the air, the odds of it spreading are considerably reduced.

Because the virus is less likely to spread outside, outdoor gatherings are one of the only opportunities to socialize.

As a result, if you want to see friends and family, an outdoor place is the ideal option. This could mean the world to those of you who are missing loved ones. It’s also a terrific method for your kids to meet up with their friends.

Homebuyers will be more interested in houses with large enough outdoor spaces to accommodate a table and chairs for sitting as well as some play space for the kids. If you have the time, a lovely garden will enhance the appearance of your home and make it even more appealing.

While studies have stated that outdoor places dramatically limit virus transmission, they nonetheless recommend that everyone wear a mask and stay at least six feet apart.

Since the outbreak, there has been no doubt that going outside is the best option. Not only are more people congregating outside, but they are increasingly turning to the outdoors for recreational pursuits. A day out nowadays is much more likely to include a hike in a local park than it is to include shopping at a mall.

Home buyers will opt for a home that is adjacent to a park or hiking trail as outdoor activities become more popular. It’s preferable if they can get closer.

Furthermore, it is now more necessary than ever to live in a safe community. As a result, people can engage in outdoor activities at any time of day without fear of attack or spread.

Home purchasers used to look at kitchen countertops to see which ones were the most fashionable and appealing. Today, though, the topic is easy-to-clean surfaces.

Replace your countertops with kinds that don’t have seams between tiles where dirt and germs can sneak in if you’re wanting to enhance your home to get a higher listing price. Buyers are also searching for materials that are stain and scratch resistant, as well as antimicrobial, such as quartz. Germs cannot penetrate quartz because of its nonporous nature. That would be a huge bonus on its own.

Another antibacterial surface that ages wonderfully is copper.

Semiprecious stones like agate, tigareye, and petrified wood are also antibacterial, albeit they are a little more pricey. Microbe-resistant laminate countertops are available from a variety of manufacturers.

Another emerging trend to keep an eye on is antimicrobial wall paint.

Certain marketplaces have their own trends that are influenced by the culture of the neighborhood. Make sure your agent is familiar with the overall architecture and preferred aesthetic of your community. Upgrading your countertop to a popular style in your area helps ensure that you receive a higher listing.

COVID is spread by airborne transmission and is most contagious in enclosed spaces. Optimal ventilation may help to keep the spread to a minimum.

Configuring ducted HVAC systems to increase the rate of exchange of indoor air with fresh air from the outside is one step technicians can take to improve ventilation.

The following upgrades can be made to an older HVAC system in the home:

  • To better manage airflow, replace fixed-speed fan motors with variable-speed ones.
  • Introduce a sophisticated airflow control technology that is pressure-sensitive to enable for smoother airflow adjustment.
  • Install air purifying systems with great performance.

To prevent the transmission of germs, home buyers will look for homes with upgraded HVAC systems that boost filtration and air flow management.

COVID has revolutionized the home-buying process. Buyers now are looking for homes with germ-free interiors, access to outdoor areas, and low virus transmission rates. This will determine current house buying trends as well as the future face of real estate.

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